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Below are a range of frequently asked questions that we find most parents like to know.

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What hours are you open?

We’re open from 7am to 6pm. We ask all families to arrive by 5:50pm at the latest to allow time to collect their child(ren) and exit the premises by 6pm.

What are your fees?

Our fees are reviewed twice a year, though this does not always lead to a fee change. Fees are set based on the service’s operating costs. A minimum of four weeks’ notice is provided to families when there is a fee increase, with information posted at all sign in desks. As fees change from time to time, please contact us for the latest fee schedule.

Where are you Located?

We are located in two homely cottages, a very short, flat walk to Victoria Road and the bus stop. Our address is 16-18 Cressy Road, Ryde

Is your service approved for government payments?

Yes, we are. Eligible families may receive Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR). Other forms of assistance may also be available, please call the Family Assistance Office on 136150 to discuss your personal circumstances.

How long has your service been operating?

We have been servicing the local community for almost 30 years. Our premises were originally built in the 1900s as homes on large blocks with families raising their children in them. We have some old photos of the houses and families and one day would love to find out more about those that built and lived in the homes.

Is there a minimum number of days?

We have a minimum two day enrolment program. Having more time for you and your child to come to know us and for us to come to know your child and family helps us build stronger, reciprocal relationships.

Are your staff qualified?

Absolutely. Under the Regulations certain ratios must be met at all times and anyone counted in those ratios must hold an approved qualification (http://www.acecqa.gov.au/educators-and-providers1/qualifications) or be actively working towards one. We value higher education and whilst most days we are required to have two university trained teachers we usually have up to seven who are either studying at university or have completed their Bachelor or Masters in Early Education. Our Certificate III staff are encouraged to complete their Diplomas and currently all educators with a Certificate III are studying towards their Diploma.

Do you have a pre-school program?

We certainly do. We strongly believe that all children deserve a quality pre-school program. Quality does not mean rote learning, flash cards or instructional lessons, however. Research has shown that children learn best through play. And that depriving children of play may have long term, educational deficits. Children need concrete, hands on experiences to make sense of their world, and it’s these experiences that lead to a strong foundation for school and more abstract learning. Our curriculum uses the Early Years Learning Framework (https://www.education.gov.au/early-years-learning-framework), a national document developed by the Australian government.

Is your service a pre-school?

We are an early education service operating within the long day care framework. This means we provide a high quality program, government assistance is available to families, we are open 50 weeks of the year and you are welcome to use our extended hours.

Does your service have natural outdoor environments?

We have loads of natural outdoor environments. Our children play with real dirt, on real grass under mature trees and regularly see or hear butterflies, kookaburras and other bird life, caterpillars, worms, lizards, bees and spiders. We have our service treated for spiders twice a year by Hills Guardian Pest Control and also have Kidsafe NSW conduct a safety audit every few years.

Are meals provided?

When you come for your first visit and enter through our front door (which is actually on the side of the building!) you will smell the wonderful aroma wafting up from the kitchen – home-style cooking at its best. All our meals are made onsite, from scratch. Our menus are developed by Juli (Ingrid’s mum) who is trained in Nutrition and Menu Planning. There are four weeks in our seasonal menus which rotate throughout the year; menus change for summer and winter.

Our recipes are developed by Juli and limit fats and sugars and processed foods. Where possible brown products are used over white (for example, wholemeal breads and wholemeal flours).

Are nappies provided?

Yes. We order Snugglers nappies, though from time to time our supplier may be out and we purchase nappies from the supermarkets.

How will I access information about my child’s program?

All children have their own, individual book with their own, individual program. This book is always available to families and we welcome families to write in their children’s books and read them often.

If I have a question, who do I speak with?

Upon enrolment, your child will be allocated a teacher who is responsible for their development and wellbeing. In the first instance, please speak with your child’s teacher. If you would like to raise a concern, please ask to speak with the Responsible Person onsite or check the display in the foyer to see who the Responsible Person onsite is and go directly to them. You may also phone at any time and ask for the Responsible Person.

Does Cressy Road offer casual days?

For children already enrolled with us extra days are available when families need them. These are charged as usual days and government assistance is paid as normal.

From time to time we are asked for casual days from families not enrolled. For example, when a family day carer goes on holidays. We are happy to help, though each situation is different and we consider casual enrolments on an individual basis.

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