Cressy Road Cottages – Team

Our team (staff) at Cressy Road Cottages fits into two categories – university trained teachers (ECTs) who we refer to as ‘Teachers’, our second category is our equally important ‘Educators’.

The number of children onsite dictates the number of Teachers we are required to have. At the moment our team is structured with three fully qualified Teachers, two Teachers who will graduate this semester and another two who hold a Diploma in Children’s Services & are studying at university.

We are required to have three Teachers, though when everyone is finished training we will proudly have seven.

Our Director is one of our Teachers and one of our owners. She is onsite each day overseeing the programs and wellbeing of the children. She is also the Room Leader for the Lions group and has been managing the service for the past seven years.


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All hold qualifications on par with Teachers in primary and high schools and we advocate strongly for equal professional recognition. Our Teachers are offered paid school holidays and subsequently we have been able to employ high quality teaching professionals.


All but one of our Educators hold either a Certificate III or Diploma in Children’s Services, many of our Certificate III graduates are studying for their Diploma. One Educator is currently studying their Certificate III.

Director/Owner/Educational Leader:

Thank you for taking the time visit our Early Learning Center. My name is Ingrid and I represent the family that owns Cressy Road Cottages. The past seven years have been a labour of love; I feel so passionately about advocating for the rights of children and wanting the very best for them when in our care that it’s hard to switch off sometimes! If you have any questions or would like to book a time to visit with us, please contact me directly: