The philosophy at Cressy Road Cottages early learning center has reference points in the work of Dr Emmie Pikler and Magda Gerber of ‘Resources For Infant Educarers‘ (RIE), we have drawn on their research, evidence and documentation to inform our practice.

Service Philosophy

Please refer to the printable two page PDF (click here to open) for details covering:

  • Safety comes first
  • Family is a child’s first and foremost educator
  • Children role model behaviours they see in people they love and trust
  • Education is delivered through play-based learning environments
  • Health and hygiene is actively promoted
  • Continually improving


Our Director, Ingrid, completed the Foundations Course with the RIE Institute in 2016. She has since been unofficially informed she will be nominated for an outreach Practicum which allows Ingrid to continue studying with the RIE Institute with the aim of becoming the first approved RIE Associate practicing in Australia.

Ingrid was asked recently to describe how she explains RIE, here is her response:

“I explain that respect covers all areas of development:
– we respect the child by talking with them, providing time to process what we’ve said and providing an opportunity for the child to respond.
– we respect the child by acknowledging their current state of development (particularly gross motor) allowing them freedom of movement, refraining from placing them in positions they cannot get into themselves and encouraging them to choose their own toys and not have us do this for them.
– we respect their right to predictability in their day and encourage routines to allow even the youngest baby to know where they fit within their world.
– we respect their competency in self regulating their emotions and do not shush them or distract them when they are sad but rather acknowledge what has made them sad.
– we respect their emerging sense of self and refrain from praising but rather acknowledge when a child appears to want to share an achievement with us”.

Further information on RIE may be found on their site: Educaring – Resources for Infant Educarers