Cressy Road Cottages Early Learning Center

Our early learning center, Cressy Road Cottages is a peaceful space for the early education and care of people from birth to five years, we have been serving families in our local Ryde community for almost 30 years.

Our service has a genuine commitment to recognising each child as a unique individual, each with their own set of interest and strengths brought about through past experiences and cultural identity, as exemplified in our philosophy.

Cressy Road Cottages Early Learning Center – Location

Situated in Ryde and close to transport we are set in two renovated, charming Californian bungalows built in the early 1900s as family homes.

Each room is flooded with natural light and has windows looking out to lush cottage gardens. All children have access to authentic outdoor spaces which are three times the size required by Regulations and include real grass.

Cressy Road Cottages Early Learning Center – Teachers and Educators

Our team has taken many years to build, as selecting the right people with excellent qualifications and compassionate professional attitudes is the key to providing a secure, happy place for children to thrive.

Being a licensed Early Learning Center, we employ both Teachers and Educators, with the majority of our core team holding university qualifications in Education. Each room has at least one university trained Teacher, including our Nursery (which actually has two!).